Thursday, December 4, 2008

Using photo editing software

One advantage of using a digital camera is being able to do your own editing. But not everyone can afford Adobe's Photoshop CS4 or even the earlier versions. I had to settle for the little brother, Photoshop Elements 6. For the first few months, I used it for some basic editing not sure how to use the rest. I was new to layers and a bit reluctant to experiment with them. Fear of the unknown I suppose. So I had this great software and was using it like any freebee you can download online. What a waste! But it did give me a great excuse to buy another book. So I went to my favourite online bookstore and searched for books on Element 6. There was a lot of choices, but I had already figured out the basic stuff so I wanted something a bit more muscled. The description for Advanced Photoshop Elements 6 for Digital Photographers was right on target. Plus lets you see inside. This feature as saved me from buying the wrong books.

Using this book made me realize that I don't need to upgrade for some time yet. Which is a relief for my budget.

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