Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hibiscus bloom in winter

This Hibiscus plant was given to me to overwinter after it was left too long outside in the fall. It's always best to bring plants in before the weather turns cold. Makes it easier for them to adapt to indoor conditions.

Now placed by a south facing window, it blooms well in spite of the low temp outside. It also gave me a chance to try using the window as a background for a few shots. But the bloom is well over my head, so a ladder was needed. This is one of my first tries, got the window frame which doesn't look to good, right? So I tried again and again, moving and zooming in and out. Keeping Bryan Peterson's advice in mind.

Now only one bloom appears in this photo but the plant had two blooms and ten buds. So I'm hoping for blooms on Christmas day.

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