Saturday, May 30, 2009

Colarette Dahlia

collarette dahlia

Got this bulb as part of a collection two years ago. I've been trying to find it sold by its name but so far no luck. Searching the net, I found Ace if Hearts and Rosita that looks like it. Can anyone help me name this dalhia?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wincherster Cathedral English Rose

Winchester Cathedral English Rose
The image of this rose is no longer in the Photo Index or the Payloadz store. It's now part of the Garden Image website.

On the new Joomla managed site, it will be easier for me to make updates. This rose has survived one winter in my garden so far. More photos will be taken this year. This David Austin rose was worth the detour to find it.

More will be deleted from the Photo index.

Flaming Parrot

Flaming Parrot tulip

This is one of the new images added to the Garden Images site.
It includes a description and links.
Hope you like the it.

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Time for Tulips

My tulips are almost done, I started lifting them for inspection and storage. The lily flowered tulips have produced several new bulbils. They were dusted with sulfur, and now left in baskets to cure. Once the leaves have dried off, they will then be moved to paper bags until its time to replant in the fall.

You can view images of my tulips on Garden Images

They will now be replaced by summer bulbs like, Sprekelia, Cannas and lots of Dahlias.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sir Winston Churchill Daffodils

Sir Winston Churchill daffodils

These double flowering narcissus, are reliable and easy to grow. For the first 5 years or so, I left them undisturbed in my rock garden. Then I started lifting them to divide and store for the summer in a cool garage. In the fall I replant in amended soil.

More details included on my new Garden Images website.

Botanical Print

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Monsella Tulips

Monsella tulips

Every year I add new bulbs. I also lift them all after flowering, check for damage from disease or pest then store them in a cool garage for the summer. This gives me a chance to amend the soil properly and change design yearly. It is a lot of work, but the benefits to my physical health and the bulbs makes it all worth it.

This year I noticed that the Queen of Sheba blend well with the Monsella. The Monsella tulips start to open first but the Queen of Sheba follows closely.

More information will be added on along with a larger view. Links to online sources will also be added in the weblinks section.

Hope you like the photo

Tulip poster

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Glory of the Snow


Chionodoxa Luciliae will be added to the Garden Images site. They bloom early even in my zone. Added more last fall along with a white variety. Read the new page to learn more about this hardy little bulb.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Translator on new site

Now visitors can translate my Garden Photography site with Babelfish too. I also included more information on Brunnera 'Looking Glass'. .

Looking Glass

siberian bugloss looking glass

Brunnera macrophylla, common name Siberian Bugloss, blooms in spring in part shade. Got mine last year from Loblaws. Amended the soil with shrimp compost and mulched with autumn leaves.

Update: Took advantage of the fact that the plant is still blooming to take another photo. This one is a close-up, visit Garden Images to view.