Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pine tree shadow

Pine Tree in Shadows is now available for poster prints on Artist Rising and on canvas from Imagekind The tall white pine is on the east side of my home. So I see it every day. Through the years I've had the pleasure to observe wildlife taking refuge in its branches.

A few days ago it was a large wild turkey. I read only recently that they perch high up in trees at night to protect themselves from predators. I watched the large and agile bird walk closer to the trunk. The next morning he was the first at the feeders. Later, in the afternoon the rest of the flock joined him. This gave me an opportunity to take lots of photographs. Some of the photos will be posted in the new album on the site. I’m still trying to work out the design for the photography section.

The album at this location will no longer be available. All of my work is being moved to

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