Friday, December 5, 2008

Regal Pelargonium

The first time I saw one is in Geraniums and Pelargoniums by John Feltwell. Click on the image for a larger view and you will see why they make such great show plants.
Had mine growing in a pot outside last summer but it didn't do so well and thought I killed it. So I checked in Success With House Plants
for proper care and repotted the poor thing and let it rest for a couple of months as directed in the book. Now my Regal is healthy and blooming in December.

I took close to 20 shots before I got one I felt gave it justice. Thank you Bryan Peterson. Before I would have taken just one and convinced myself it wasn't possible to do better.

If this photo peeked your interest on Regals, visit the Geranium Galery where you'll find lots of photos of named varieties. For myself, I've added yet another book to my wish list, this time 1001 Pelargoniums

Larger View

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