Sunday, February 8, 2009

Winchester Cathedral English rose

White English Roses

   A very popular white rose introduced in 1988 by David Austin.
With a nice old English rose scent.
When I bought this bush from Ritchie Feed & Seed in Ottawa late last summer, the leaves were covered with mildew.
I knew with proper air circulation the problem would go away and as you can see by the photo, it did.

Now will it survive winter?
For protection, I used rose collars, straw, a white dome and mother nature supplied about tree feet of snow. When the weather will start warming up, I will remove the dome during warm days but leave the collar and straw.
The dome will be replaced in the evenings.
I need to do this to protect the plant from cold drying wind and hungry wild turkeys.

Winchester Catherdral image and description.

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