Monday, June 11, 2012

Garden Gate

Back Issue Library

Garden Gate magazine back issues from 1995 to 2011 is now available on DVD.
I still have most of my print issues, but it is a chore to go through all of them to find an old article or garden plan.
Switching to digital editions saves time and space for me.


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  1. Yesterday, I received my copy of Garden Gate Back Issue Library on DVD.
    It contains all issues from the first to 102.
    What I particularly like is the search engine.
    Now when I need to take another look at an article or garden plan,
    I just enter the name of the variety in the search box and tick the full article search.
    If I know the information will be useful again, I add a sticky note.
    The pages look just like in the print edition.
    With the bonus of being able to resize the text or highlight a word to look up.
    Now I can browse through all issues I have and those that I've missed a lot faster and without missing anything useful.


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