Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Books

Kindle Editions

 I collect books, and this can get a little costly.
Getting a Kobo eReader saved me money and space.
However, sometimes I find the selection a bit limited.

Like most people today, when I look for a book the first place, I go to, is the Amazon website.
I read some of the ratings and if available I "Look Inside."
This morning I had a nice surprise, we can read Kindle editions on a PC.
Since I just bought my Kobo eReader, I'm not ready for a Kindle yet.

The best part, is that I can now get books for less.
Kindle edition prices are lower and there are no shipping charges.
And I don't have to buy new bookshelves.


  1. Hi Joanne
    I got a Kobo last April and I wish I had gotten a Kindle. I got the Kobo because you are supposed to be able to borrow books from the Public Library (in Toronto) and I can't get it to work. My husband has a Smartphone and downloads books to his phone and we can't share them. I think I might wait a bit and go for the Kindle Fire. So much more useful. I read at a phenomenal rate so buying a lot of books is too costly for me.
    I do reread favourites though, do you?


  2. Hi Joan, I read a lot too. I bought my Kobo just before they introduced Kobo Vox. I thought of getting a Kindle, but now I think I prefer to wait until I can get a tablet. They cost more, but you can use it for so many other things.
    Other than the Kindle for desktop, I also installed a Zinio reader.
    It's so much better for reading magazines.
    When I get the tablet, all the apps for these reading devices are going on it.
    It cuts down on the cost of books and the need for more bookshelves.


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